Where it all happens

Serca Furniture is a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of furniture.
Having already a great national reputation, the next target is internationalization. Taking the name of Serca across borders is essential to continue the progress that the company has been showing.
Due to the huge offer of furniture suppliers, we consider the quality of our products and services a way to stand out in this highly competitive market.
At Serca Furniture, each customer is handled individually, being offered a personalized service that aims to meet every need and amaze in every detail.
So, we believe that we will catch the attention of new customers and further strengthen the alliance with our existing partners and employees.

Having already a vast experience in this activity, Serca Furniture accompanies all the news in the market to keep updated and aware of the latest innovations.
Inspired by the present and predicting the future, our products are known for its functional and distinctive design whose concept searches in nature for textures, shapes and patterns.
Again we come to you to achieve all your desires of good taste and well-being, making sure we will be pleased.

Values that we

Serca Furniture stands out for the quality and authenticity of its products. We invest in the development of our skills and techniques so that the final product is always the best possible. These are values ​​that we stand firm in order to maintain the trust and loyalty that our customers and employees have placed in our work.

Our vision

Our vision for the future of Serca Furniture is undoubtedly connected with going abroad. The next goal is to achieve the internationalization of the factory. We aim to find new partners and customers across borders, thereby taking our business further. For this, and whenever possible, we are present in international fairs and exhibitions of furniture. These events are unique opportunities to show our work to the world and make new contacts.